About Us

Yowting Jewelry is a high-end jewelry brand under the umbrella of Merveilleux Galaxie Limited OÜ, specializing in creating distinctive and creative jewelry pieces for young women. Established on May 10, 2021, Merveilleux Galaxie Limited OÜ has its headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, with a registration number of 16226539 and a tax ID of EE102413317. The company's primary business involves the wholesale and retail of Tahitian black pearls and Moissanite diamond jewelry, with products distributed globally, particularly in island nations and regions of Europe and America.

The Yowting Jewelry team consists of international members primarily hailing from Estonia, New Zealand, China, and the United States. Led by Mr. Shawn, the nine-member team is responsible for organizing product sourcing and the production process to ensure that each piece meets the highest quality and design standards.

In terms of design philosophy, Yowting Jewelry is tailor-made for European girls aged 18-25. Utilizing natural elements like plants, animals, and marine life, each piece of jewelry is imbued with unique vitality and dreamy colors. Our designs not only highlight youthful exuberance but also reflect a commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development.